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CenTex HEROES Volleyball Club Policies

Welcome to CenTex HEROES Volleyball Club!  We are grateful and honored that you are part of our family. CenTex HEROES is so much more than just volleyball.  We are a God-Centered organization that deeply cares about our athletes and their families and investing in their lives.

Our mission is for each athlete to reach their full potential as a volleyball player. CenTex HEROES is a unique volleyball club because we not only provide our athletes with high-level volleyball training, but also the opportunity to learn life skills beyond their volleyball career. We emphasize strong self-confidence, unified team dynamics, good sportsmanship and offer our athletes the opportunity to grow as Godly young Athletes. Our staff and coaches are committed to this mission.

The CenTex HEROES club policies have been established to promote and support our club mission, and to help create and maintain a strong, honest, respectable club volleyball program. These are club policies and not optional guidelines. All parents and players will be held responsible for adhering to the CenTex HEROES club policies. Anyone found in violation of the club policies may be restricted and/or removed from the CenTex HEROES Volleyball program at any time.

A. General Club Policies

1- Encourage.  Players and Parents must always maintain a positive and encouraging attitude towards all aspects of the club, especially toward your team and other CenTex HEROES members and staff.  Players and Parents should never degrade any player or anyone associated with the club volleyball atmosphere.

2- Respect. Athletes and Parents are expected to treat ALL coaches, referees, other players and parents, spectators and facility staff with courtesy and respect at all times.

3- Criticism. Parents will refrain from any criticism of coaches, players, parents, officials, spectators, facility staff and opponents.

4- Conflicts.  CenTex HEROES holds very high standards for our club. We are ultimately one TEAM and will maintain respectful and supportive relationships amongst each other. If any conflicts arise amongst the team, we will address them immediately, if necessary. Players feed off the unity of parents and coaches and we want the best for our athletes.

5- School Obligations.  Parents and athletes in the CenTex HEROES program will be expected to make both CenTex HEROES and academics a priority. We expect athletes to manage their time accordingly so that they are able to attend and be on time to practices, tournaments and other related functions that fall within the team schedule. Mandatory school functions take priority over club functions. On certain occasions, major tests/exams may be taken into consideration for practice schedules. Make sure you keep your Coach informed.

6- Fraternization.  Players must not socialize with coaches or Elite staff outside practice, tournaments and sanctioned CenTex HEROES events. This includes personal My Space, Facebook, Twitter, any social media websites and ongoing texting relationships.  Coaches are never allowed to be alone with a CenTex HEROES player or parent at any time.

7- Team Facebook.  Should CenTex HEROES establish a private team Facebook page, all content will be monitored by CenTex HEROES approved administrators. There will be no private messaging between athletes and coaches/staff.  Only members of the CenTex HEROES club will be authorized access to view content.

8- Inappropriate Behavior.  Any inappropriate or illegal behavior with coaches or staff will not be tolerated and is subject to immediate dismissal and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

B. Practice Club Policies

1- Arrival to Practice.  It is mandatory that every player arrive 10 minutes early. Players must arrive with full volleyball attire already on. Players need to know their pre-practice responsibilities/schedule (set up, announcements, prayer, warm up, etc.). Consequences for late players are up to the discretion of the coach, but there will be a consequence.

2- Lateness.  In the event that a player is perpetually late, there will be a parent-player-coach meeting arranged. If the issue continues, there will a meeting with the club director.

3- Mobile Devices.  Before players enter the gym, all cell phones and other mobile devices must be put away until exiting the gym except in the event of a medical emergency.

4- Practice Attire.  Players must wear their practice shirts to every practice. This creates team unity, eliminates individualism, and starts to instill discipline. Consequence is up to the discretion of the coach, but there will be a consequence for not wearing the correct practice shirt.  Players will also remove all jewelry prior to practice.

5- Absences.  For all player absences (including illness and school events), players will coordinate with their coach if a makeup practice is possible.  Make-up practice times and days will be determined by the coach, the player and the other team’s availability.  Make-up practices must be confirmed with your coach. If the practice is not made up before the next tournament, it will be at the discretion of the coach if the player must sit out the first game of the next tournament.

6- Open Practice Policy.  All practices are open to the parents only. Parent will have no communication with their child during practices.  Parents are not to coach, text, reprimand or chat with players during practice to prevent distractions and allow players to focus on practice. Parents will be given a verbal warning and if the problem persists, the parent will not be allowed to attend future practices.

C. Equipment & Facilities

1- Volleyballs.  Players will be given a volleyball at the beginning of the season.  Each team is given a volleyball cart for practice and tournaments. The equipment is marked to be easily located.  Equipment must be accounted for before leaving all practices and tournaments. To maintain professionalism, the ONLY markings your volleyball during Select Season is CenTex HEROES and your last name and first initial.  Markings will be in black permanent marker.  No nicknames.

2- Facilities.  Teams must make sure all facilities are left in better condition than when we arrived. All equipment must be put away properly and all trash must be picked up.

3- Accountability.  All balls must be accounted for and all equipment put away properly before your team is dismissed from any practice or tournament.

4- Tape/Wraps.  Tape and pre-wrap are provided for emergencies only. If a player needs to be taped on a regular basis, she must provide her own supplies and taping.

D. Tournament Policies

1- Arrival to Tournaments.  Players must arrive to tournaments at least 45 minutes early. Your coach will inform you of your exact required arrival time and location.

2- Transportation.  Transportation of players to and from tournaments will be the responsibility of parents.

3- Coach Ride Policy.  If coaches ride in a vehicle with a parent or player, there must be more than one person in the vehicle with the coach.

4- Tournament Info.  The coach will advise the team on tournament details and arrival times at playing sites as soon as they receive the information. Tournament details are not usually posted until the Wednesday before the tournament.

5- Team Areas.  When you arrive at your playing site, the team will pick out a location to line up their bags in a neat, orderly fashion. This is a good representation of CenTex HEROES and adds a level of security.  When not on the court, this will also be the meeting location for the team during tournaments.

6- Mobile Devices.  All player cell phones and mobile devices must be put away for the entire duration of the tournament, unless the player receives permission from the coach. This includes listening to music on your cell phone in order to promote team bonding and also increase communication between coaches and players during tournaments where noise levels are high. Players will not share/show any inappropriate pictures, music, or comments from any mobile devices.

7- During Tournaments.  While at tournaments and events, athletes must stay together as a team in order to encourage team unity and bonding.  Players are not allowed to leave tournament sites, to include eating meals with parents, until the tournament is over and the coach has dismissed the players.  Parents are welcome to pick up food to bring back for their athletes, but the team must remain at the tournament together.  Any exceptions must be approved by the coach and are at the parents/players own risk.  Approval for exceptions does not relieve players of their responsibility to be on time for scheduled activities.  It is not discourage for players to bring their significant other to games or practice unless it takes away from the player being able to spend time with their teammates which is part of the team bonding process. The player is also not allowed to leave the team area with their partner or show over the top public affection while in a Heroes Volleyball Uniform. 

8- Buddy System.  For safety and accountability purposes, Players will inform coaches of their location when away from the team (eg. using the restroom) and must travel in buddy teams at all times. 

9- Officiating.  Players will always be prepared to play a match or perform officiating duties throughout the tournament, especially at the end of evening waves or playoffs.  Players must equally share officiating responsibilities and all players are required to remain at the tournament until the team’s responsibilities are complete per the coach.  

10- Unauthorized Tournament Departures.  If a parent or player decides to leave a tournament before being dismissed due being upset with the coach or team, that player will be dismissed from CenTex HEROES and the club will notify the Lone Star Region of the situation.

11- Conflicts.  If any conflicts arise at a tournament, all parties (parents, players and coaches) must wait 24 hours before discussing the issue. You will email the director with your concerns and if the director is not able to find a solution a meeting will be set up with the Coach and Parent. Please inform the director of any major problems/issues.

12- Tournament Attire. Teams must be in matching apparel at all times. This will provide a consistent look across all teams in all age groups. CenTex HEROES gear and apparel only (no pajamas, non-Elite sweat shirts, fluffy house shoes, wild hair styles, etc.). Exceptions include wearing “sliders” to rest feet and hair accessories that compliment the uniform and promote team/club spirit.

13- Jewelry.  For safety purposes, USAV tournament rules do not authorize jewelry on the court; therefore, CenTex HEROES players will not be allowed to wear jewelry of any kind, to include facial and body piercings, during practice or games.  If a piercing cannot be removed, then your player will not be allowed to participate in practice or games.  Taping over jewelry is not acceptable.

14- Conduct. Tournaments are our opportunity to represent CenTex HEROES to the public. Please maintain CenTex HEROES’s standards of respectful behavior.  

15- Prayer.  CenTex HEROES teams pray before each match at tournaments (player, coach or parent led).

16- Sportsmanship.  After each match, win or lose, good or bad officiating, team captains and coaches will shake the referee’s hand.

17- Clean Areas.  Teams must clean up both bench areas after every match.

E. Officiating

1- Scorekeepers. Each team must have at least 2 players trained as scorekeepers. This training will be paid by CenTex HEROES.

2- Player Expectations.  Players act as linesmen and scorekeepers for all tournaments. Players must know the expectations for their officiating duties -- no cell phones, eating, talking, listening to headphones, daydreaming, etc. while officiating and/or scorekeeping. There will be no more than 3 players who are actively officiating at the score keeping table to minimize distractions. We are very strict on this policy as is the Lone Star Region.

3- Conduct.  CenTex HEROES will maintain and represent high standards of good sportsmanship. All parents and players are to respect all Parents of CenTex HEROES, Parents from the other teams, other teams’ coaches, officials and tournament staff. If we have any disrespectful parents on the sidelines at tournaments, a coach or the director will address the situation immediately. Parents will be given warnings and then asked to leave the tournament or facility by the coach (or by a paid official) if disrespectful behavior continues.  Athlete, coach and parent behavior reflect on our organization and could result in USAV or Lone Star Region administrative actions against CenTex HEROES.

F. Travel Guidelines

1- Conduct.  While in hotels, athletes are to respect property and privacy of others in the hotel. Loud or rowdy behavior will not be tolerated.

2- Male Guests.  Under no circumstances will Elite athletes have male guests in their hotel rooms with the exception of family members. Outside visitors should be restricted to the hotel lobby only.

3- Other Patrons’ Rooms.  Under no circumstance will athletes enter another guest’s room that is not a CenTex HEROES parent, player or family member.

4- Coaches’ Rooms.  Athletes are not allowed to be in a coach’s hotel room at any time. Meetings and team gatherings must be held in the hotel lobby or another public area.

 5- Non-playing Periods.  Athletes will be expected to coordinate with the team parent and/or coach as to their whereabouts during non-playing periods.

6- Non-playing Attire.  Athletes are expected to dress modestly and respectfully during non-playing periods. Remember that you are representatives of the CenTex HEROES Volleyball Club.

G. Team Parent/Chaperone

Each team will have a parent representative to serve as team chaperone/team parent. This chaperone attends all practices to help in the case of a medical emergency. If a player is injured and requires emergency attention, this team parent would see that the player is taken to an emergency medical facility. Chaperone responsibilities include: travel with the team, plan tournament meals, enforce curfew, coordinate team building, communicate with parents, make sure all players have transportation to tournaments and generally help the coach in any other way they can. A chaperone is responsible for getting another adult to substitute for them if they are unable to attend a practice session or a tournament. Chaperones need to be selected at the 1st Team Meeting.

H. Managing Conflict

1- Line of Communication.  The line of communication should be from coach to athlete to parent for all issues involving athletes and/or teams. Athletes are encouraged and expected to talk with their coaches about any problems or concerns they may have. Coaches are expected to always listen and be open to the player’s concern and try to come up with an agreeable solution with the player.

2- Playing Time.  Player’s fees provide guaranteed equal practice time, but NOT guaranteed equal playing time at tournaments. Should parents have any concern with their child’s playing time or any other conflict, they must follow the club policies below to resolve concerns and encourage their child to also follow these steps.

a. Do not, for any reason, approach a coach or staff member during or immediately after a tournament to discuss playing time. You must wait at least 24 hours to approach your coach about your concerns.

b. Should a player wish to discuss their playing time or any other concerns, they will need to meet player to coach first, before or after practice in private.

c. If the player’s concerns have not been met, the parent and player may request a meeting through the director, to meet with the coach privately.  

d. Lastly, if neither of those efforts resolves your concerns, you may request a meeting both with the director and your coach to find a solution.

3- 24-Hour Rule.  Always follow the 24-hour rule at tournaments. Emotions are much too high during a competition to discuss rationally. Parents who are seeking deeper explanations should contact the director outside of normal practice times to set up a meeting time.

4- Safety & Well-Being.  Notify the director immediately if you have any concerns for a player’s safety or well-being. The director is here to help address all major issues or concerns, keeping the player’s best interest in mind at all times.

I. Tobacco, Drugs & Alcohol

1- Abstain.  Players are to abstain from the use of tobacco, drugs and alcohol at all times.

2- Illegal Substances.  Any athlete found to be in possession of an illegal substance must be reported to the director immediately, and may be removed from the club.

J. Payments for Player Participation

1- Club Payments.  At no time are coaches allowed to accept CenTex HEROES payments from players or parent. In the event a player is not current with payments, the coach will be notified, and that player may not be allowed to participate in practices or tournaments until payments are up to date.

2- Payments During Periods of Injury.  If a player is injured and not able to practice or play, the parent has to decide if the player will continue with CenTex HEROES. If they choose to stay, the player will continue to pay all further payments to be able to participate in any future CenTex HEROES practices or tournaments. The player must also be aware that once they’re clear to play, she must earn their spot back.

3- Payments are for practice time and not playing time. All payments are non-reimbursable since these payments are used to cover the cost of uniforms, facilities, tournaments, admin, coaches pay and lodging for the coaches.

K. Disciplinary Strike System

In the event that club policies are broken, there is a reprimand process for all club members including parents and players. Minor team, parent, and coach issues will be addressed with a verbal warning prior to entering the steps below. For extreme offenses any level may be skipped and can result in immediate removal.

Level 1 Offense – Official Written Warning

Level 2 Offense – Probationary Period

Level 3 Offense – Removal

* You must read and agree to all the club policies before accepting a position with Heroes Volleyball.

We strive to instill these policies in our players, so that CenTex HEROES Volleyball Club will maintain its reputation as a highly respected club.

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