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Work to Play Program (W2P)

Work to Play Program / Leadership Skills or Volunteer Hours for School

Although the Work to Play (W2P) program is open to any Select Heroes VBC athlete, it was designed to help families in need of financial assistance to pay a portion of their players’ club fees.  The maximum amount of money any player may receive through the W2P program during the season is $500 which will be credited towards the end of your fees; however, because there is a set budget for W2P program each season, that maximum amount is NOT guaranteed.  We ask that you do not depend on receiving the full $500 to supplement your club fees in the event that multiple players request to use the W2P program, reducing opportunities to earn funds across the board.  The following chart shows the W2P budget, the programs currently available, and amounts that can be applied to an applicant’s club fees for each activity.



Total Work to Play Budget

11/16/16 Donation: $120


Current Balance available as of 11/1/16  $2,490


Programs available

Gym Floor Cleaning

Total of $90

See Note A


Referee for BCYC recreation Volleyball league


See Note B

Concession Stand for BCYC recreation Basketball league


See Note C

Clinic Coach for BCYC rec league


See Note D





Note A. Gym floor cleaning is ultimately a service for the safety of our players.  Three hours are required for sweeping, mopping and applying floor cleaner to 2 volleyball courts. There can be up to 3 people working at a rate of $10/hour.

Note B. To qualify for serving as a referee for BCYC recreation volleyball league, the athlete must be on a 16U or above team. The rec league usually lasts from 8am-12pm on Saturdays. In addition to being a referee, applicants will also be required to sweep and lightly mop both volleyball courts, set up and tear down poles/net systems, and work as an official for the recreation volleyball league at BCYC. Two refs are required for this program.

Note C. The BCYC concession stand usually runs from 8am-5pm for the recreation basketball league. Athletes can work the entire shift or part of a shift.  Two people are required to be in the concession stand at all times. 13U and below athletes must have a 14U and above or adult accompany them during their shift. If the parent is the second person in the concession stand, the athlete can use this as part of their earnings towards W2P.

Note D. You will help a Rec Volleyball parent coach during their practice in the evenings when requested. The athlete must be on a 15U or above team. You will teach the players the basic skills of passing, setting, serving and hitting and help the parent with their practice. This is a 1 hour slot and you will be attached to a select coach.


Leadership Skills/Volunteer Hours for School:  Some athletes may be required by their schools to do leadership or volunteer work.  This is a great program to help fulfill those types of hours; however, athletes cannot be a volunteer in conjunction with using the W2P program.  Athletes are either volunteering or participating in the W2P program.

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